"FARBRENGEN: An Inside Look" was designed for a Chabad House like yours.

FARBRENGEN: An Inside Look is a program designed especially for your Chabad House audience. We know this because we designed it for the Chabad Houses of Philadelphia whose audiences gather annually at The Living Legacy Evenings.

We wanted to design a program that invited the audience into the moment of Farbrengen, to hear a sicha, a niggun, a ma’amar, but also to feel the atmosphere, to think what it might have meant to stand on the bleachers, to hold up a l’chaim.

For this reason we chose, with much help from the JEM staff, to show the Farbrengen of Yud Shvat 5735. We felt the black-and-white footage, filmed from within the crowd, brings the viewer more immediately into the physical space of Farbrengen. 

After we chose the Yud Shvat Farbrengen we curated film from other farbrengens to supplement the footage with other perspectives. Here we found a shot taken from inside the aisle the Rebbe walks through to enter; here we found a shot of a cup, and only a cup, raised in a l’chaim; here we found a shot from the back the bleachers, where we bochurim standing on top of benches on top of tables. And so on and so on.

We then edited the film, here at Lubavitch of Philadelphia, to create a viewing experience where the viewer can take in the panorama of a single seamless Farbrengen. Even the sichos and the ma’amar were chosen so that they focus on one topic: the idea, and possibility, of Dirah B’tachtonim.

To make the experience even more immersive we recorded a simultaneous translation of the sichos and ma’amar by Rabbi Manis Friedman which we then edited into the film. This allows the viewer to understand the sichos, to hear the ma’amar, without being distracted from the visual experience.

At bottom, we wanted the audience to appreciate the different elements of Farbrengen while also experiencing the whole of Farbrengen, the journey of Farbrengen. In other words, we wanted the audience to see both the forest and the trees. To achieve this, we distilled the film of Farbrengen into seven key elements. Each element was shown, in chronological order, as a separate segment. And each segment was introduced by a narrator on stage, who not only provided needed context for the upcoming segment but also tied the segment, and the Farbrengen as a whole, to the present.

We hoped the program would be a success, but we weren’t prepared for the response we received. One shliach, Rabbi Yossi Kaplan from Chester County, told us he spoke the next day to someone from his Chabad House who had come to program with his father and son. “On their way back home,” Rabbi Kaplan says, “all they spoke of was what they’d just seen and what the Rebbe had said. It was as if they were driving home from Seven Seventy.”

How the Program Works

  • A single Farbrengen, Yud Shvat 5735, is distilled into seven clips, each a separate element of Farbrengen.
  • The seven clips, in order, are: 1. Before Farbrengen/The Rebbe Walking In 2. Sicha I 3. Niggun Aimosai Ko’osi Mar 4. Rostover Niggun/Ma’amar 5. Sicha II 6. L’chaim/Conversation 7. U’foratzto/The Rebbe Walking Out
  • The two sichos and the ma’amar come with simultaneous translation by Rabbi Manis Friedman. This translation is similar to that of the Farbrengen broadcasts of later years, but was taped for this Farbrengen especially for this program.
  • Before each clip, a narrator introduces the clip from the stage. Besides for providing context, the narration is an opportunity to connect the Farbrengen to the present.
  • During the narration background audio of singing by Farbrengen is played. This creates an environment in the room which goes beyond the individual clips.
  • In all, the film segments’ total duration is 35 minutes. The narration’s total duration is between 10-15 minutes. This total duration of 45-50 minutes, together with an introduction of the program and/or a summary, creates a full program that brings Farbrengen to life.

Experience FARBRENGEN in 5 Easy Ready-To-Go Steps!



Farbrengen: An Inside Look comes with a customized PDF poster and jpeg emailer.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.35.12 PM.png


Install the QLab program onto your computer. The film comes as a ready-to-go playlist. (Instructions on how to use the program are included. QLab program is for MAC only.)



Review the script and personalize where you see fit. Practice the script aloud to make the narration your own.



Connect your computer to your projector and run through the program to make sure everything is in order. The only surprise you want is how well it went!



You are ready to go!


Package Includes:

  1. FILM+BACKGROUND MUSIC: Seven film segments of Farbrengen plus background music for narration intervals.
  2. NARRATION SCRIPT: Each segment comes with a narration script to take your audience through the Farbrengen experience.
  3. PUBLICITY PACKAGE: We will customize a PDF poster and a jpeg emailer with your details.
  4. SETUP ON QLAB PROGRAM: The film, as well as the musical backgrounds for your narration, will come setup on easy-to-use QLAB program. (The QLAB program is for MAC only. The film will also come as .mov files, so you can setup on a different program of your preference)

Cost: $500

Any questions and further inquiries please contact Bentzi at: info@legacyevenings.com