Millions of people have come to hear of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, by way of the thousands of institutions he initiated and inspired.

But where it all began was at a Farbrengen in Brooklyn, a hassidic gathering, in 1951, when several hundred chassidim heard him for the first time articulate his historic vision. They had come to hear reminiscings from a past world they could remember, and yet here he spoke of a future world they had to imagine.

Through his years of leadership the Rebbe would spend thousands of hours at Farbrengens, teaching, expounding, singing, uplifting, inspiring. As Lubavitch grew so did the size of the Farbrengen - still, its essence, the feeling that by spending time with the Rebbe one could come to share his vision, endured.

FARBRENGEN: An Inside Look,” will use rare and specially curated video footage to take us inside the Farbrengen so we can better see and understand its special moments - and let them inspire us once more.